Top 10 Havoc Fam Songs 2020

Top 10 Havoc Fam Songs 2020
Top 10 Havoc Fam Songs 2020

South Africa has on of the most growing entertainment fan base in Africa. In the whole of Africa, SA is among the leading countires that attract the world’s attention to it’s entertainment industry. One of the things we love about the South African entertainment is their music. 
Here is an awesome brief on Havoc fam a sensational music group in South Africa:

Havoc fam is a talented South African singing group under the dance and Electronic genre. The group has over time created a unique style in which people have come to accept and love. They have released hit songs like “Gqomoza”, “Ntokazi ntle”, “Shay’izandla” which have gone on to get them major awards and recognitions. 

People who listen to Havoc Fam’s songs know there is a particular form of uniqueness to it. The unique band have made their voice known all over Msanzi and beyond. They have over the time of their debut gotten various awards and recognition. They had an awesome 2019 with shows, Youtube views and fan base expansion, now the new year poses to be more successful has they are set to release new projects for the Year.

The following are the top 10 songs from Havoc Fam’s discography released from 2019-2020.Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list. 

1. Gqomoza

2. Hamba Wedwa

3. Movement (ft. uSeko Yay’dlalela)

4. O.G.L (Hamba Wedwa Pt. 2)

5. One Two

6. BrothersIn Army

7. World War Survivors

8.Isgubhi SaseCape

9. Omo Ft. Ceeyah Da DJ

10. Gqomoza (Pro-tee More Bass Remake)