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Nasty C
Nasty C

Nasty C – There They Go (Official Music Video) download 

Nasty C drops the official music video for one of his latest music titled  – There They Go 


There they go (Yeah) Southside there they go (Yeah) There they go Bands, there they go There they go Gangsters there they go Why your neck green? Cause them ain’t diamonds and that ain’t Gold (Ohh!) There they go broke ass niggas, hating ass bitches. How you hate in tuc tuc. You a cut cut you ain’t got no vision. I’m still spending cause I’m that nigga. D’Angelo, Balenci. (Oh)


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Me and my gang, came for the whole damn cake. Nigga give me your slices. I hate where you came from you snitch. It be a whole city of mice. (Hallelujah) I thank god for all the blessing and the real niggas in life (My nigga) a hater will go set twitter on fire whenever real nigga is right. Things that I don’t need in my life. ( Yey wena) Man that too pink to be sprite. (Yey wena) Trap shit I drink lean every night. (Yey wena) I be listening to weezy and he the reason, I smoke trees and I bleed on the Mic. See me now, when I was sixteen I was right, every night ,I was spittin’ sixteens by the light. You was praying for a job ,I was praying for the mob. Now we here count money, And we never counted out. Told Pops if he need a couple Racks to shout.