Dababy – Shut Up

Dababy - Shut Up (Official Music Video)
Dababy - Shut Up (Official Music Video)

Dababy – Shut Up (Official Music Video)

DaBaby uses “SHUT UP” to address his haters and let everyone know that he hears and sees what people say. Yet, he only cares about his real fans and getting money. Much like some of his recent social media posts, he’s tired of people for speaking for him and taking what media outlets say too seriously.
The Reel Goats shot and edited music video is used to dive deeper into the ideas of not caring about his haters but only caring about his fans. Diddy and Kanye West are prominently featured in the music video and help DaBaby express how grateful he and his family are of his success.



Dababy – Shut Up Lyrics

Keep to poppin’
Yeah, bitch (We poppin’)
Let me pop ’em
Uh-huh, hold on (Mhm), let me, let me pop ’em
Let me pop it
Let me pop it, nah, what you say? What you say? What you say?
Lil’ nigga, shut up (Shut up, bitch)
I got a problem, bitches keep callin’ (Brrt)
I need a new number (Shut up, bitch)
They know I’m the shit (Prrt, ew)
I need a plunger (Mhm, yeah)
Look at my bitch (Goddamn)
I think I love her (Okay, let’s go, yeah, let me go)
[Verse 1]
How they let Baby get rich? (Let’s go)
He be broad day with them sticks (Let’s go)
I do not play with no bitch (Don’t play)
And I been that way since like six (Yeah)
And I was smokin’ weed at age five (Five)
My cousin doin’ life, he crip (He crip)
I be jumpin’ off the stage at my shows
Kevin Gates hoes grabbin’ on my dick (Yeah, yeah)
You lookin’ for a lawsuit, pullin’ out your camera
Didn’t think I saw you (Yeah, bitch)
Had to stop takin’ pictures ’cause y’all be in your feelings and I don’t like to argue (Yeah, bitch)
Wanna see me on The Shade Room lookin’ for a come up, wanna see me pay you, huh? (Bitch)
And I’m the neighborhood hero but I don’t got my cape on ’cause I’m not trying to save you, no (Bitch)
I be like